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Salesforce launches its manufacturing and consumer goods clouds
Salesforce, the world's number one CRM, hopes to bolster its chances in the legacy space by offering two new industry-specific cloud solutions - manufacturing and consumer goods. The idea behind the strategy is to deliver on the specific requirements of each industry, whilst introducing transparency and predictability across both sales and operations.
Banks to lose as much as $280 billion to start-ups by 2025
According to a new report by Accenture, banks could lose up to $280 billion to start-ups as payments to individuals and companies become instant and free. The global payments business, dominated by banks, was this year worth $1.5 trillion. Although this is expected to grow to $2 trillion by 2025, banks are likely to lose out on a much as 15% ($280 billion) due to rising competition from start-ups.
Disney CEO resigns from Apple's board of directors
Disney's CEO, Bob Iger has resigned from Apple's board of directors, having joined in November of 2011. Neither has disclosed a reason, but with both companies releasing their own streaming services called "Disney+" and "Apple TV+" respectively, it's easy to see how things could get awkward. The streaming war looms.
Element AI has raised $151 million to bring AI to the masses
Canadian startup, Element AI has raised $151 million from a collection of global investors, in an effort to bring AI to the masses. The 'Accenture' for machine learning, neural network solutions, and computer vision applications, plans to use the money to commercialise more of its products, as well as research and develop AI solutions for enterprise. The valuation is now between $600-700 million.
Ford and GM to electrify America's favourite vehicles
Ford and GM are racing to thwart Tesla's domination of the pickup market, with both trading combustion engines for batteries. “This is going to be a real watershed for the whole industry,” Ford Chairman Bill Ford told Reuters. Ford has said it will invest $11.5 billion electrifying its vehicles by 2022. Ford’s F-150 pickup and GM’s Chevrolet Silverado are the top selling vehicles in the U.S.
US warns Gulf allies against Huawei's 5G technology
The feud between the The United States and Huawei continues following the US government's warning to Gulf allies over security risks when using Huawei's 5G mobile infrastructure technology. Washington has threatened to cut off intelligence-sharing with nations that use its equipment. Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.
Facebook's Libra in Europe? No thanks, says France.
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has told a meeting of the OECD that Facebook's planned digital currency, Libra, should be blocked in Europe as long as it fails to satisfy a raft of concerns. He said risks to sovereignty, financial systems, and of a dominant market player are too great. Facebook hopes to launch the currency next year from a base in Switzerland.
Google to pay €500 million to settle French tax investigation
Google has agreed to end a long-running tax probe by paying a €500 million fine to French prosecutors. The investigation had sought to establish whether Google had dodged its dues in France by not fully declaring its activities there. Google records virtually all its European sales through its low-tax HQ in Ireland. Google will also hand over $465 million in additional taxes.
DXC Technology has a new CEO
Mike Salvino has been named as DXC Technology's new President & CEO following the immediate retirement of Mike Lawrie. Lawrie will remain the company's chairman until the end of the year. "We want to thank Mike Lawrie for guiding DXC through its successful integration and initial phase of transformation," said Manoj Singh, chairman of the DXC board's nominating committee.
Spotify aims to diversify its offering with latest acquisition
Spotify has acquired music production marketplace, SoundBetter. SoundBetter allows producers and artists to connect on projects, as well as being a platform for people looking to distribute tracks to those who wish to license them. The platform has around 180,000 users and has paid out more than $19 million to musicians and producers to date. Financial terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed.
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